stop covidBreakfast organisation

  • Hand washing
  • Seperate tables and/or different times per room
  • Ready served plates
  • Disinfection of all shared surfaces
  • Dish-washing at 60

Cleaning and disinfection procedures in our rooms and guest houses

  • Daily airing for minimum 1 hour
  • Thorough hand washing (and/or use of disposable gloves)
  • Mouth cover with a face mask
  • Use of disinfectant cleaning products and steam cleaner
  • Use of clean cloths for each operation, each room
  • Before the cleaning procedure all linens and washing cloths are removed and washed on 60° program
  • Cleaning of all surfaces from top to bottom
  • Disinfection of all shared-use areas and surfaces (doorknobs, water faucets, remote controls,…)
  • Floor washing
  • 60° program washing for cleaning cloths.