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Dear guests,

Welcoming people in a Bed and Breakfast is like opening a "guestroom" to friends we don't know yet. There are so many improbable encounters full of unexpected richness, that it is always a pleasure to hear the stories of each other.

As for us at La Barillerie, this is precisely the spirit we want to share when we are welcoming you.

And welcoming you is also about making you meet an old lady: La Barillerie. This beautiful house has travelled through centuries to become what it is today : a great family house. It is now us to follow its evolution before handing it down to future generations.

We and our children take a lot of pleasure enjoying the place's charm. And when everyone goes back to their daily occupations, we though it would be nice to make other people enjoy it too...

So now we are glad to introduce the new things we have worked out for you at La Barillerie with the coming of the new touristy season :

  • the creation, in compliance with the Tourist Center of La Flèche of an Environmental Charter, to give the planet a little help !

Of course, all of this deserved a brand new website, re-designed and optimized in order to answer more easily all your questions !

And now it's done ! We wish you a good reading and we hope to be soon welcoming you at La Barillerie.

Hervé de Frémicourt & Valérie Dupleix

  La Barillerie
Les chevaux de la Barillerie

La Barillerie, chambres d'hôtes - La Flèche.
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